“WAVE were heavy and powerful. Their stage show was involving even during their songs and both members put in 100% the entire way through. They have this strange way of sounding like they must practice all of the time, yet, never actually practice at all. I love it.”
The Moshville Times

Given that the biggest two-piece bands on the planet right now are either dull, contrived or a mixture of both – like Twenty One Pilots, Slaves and Royal Blood for example – you’d be forgiven for thinking that duos aren’t worth bothering with.

But you’d be wrong. There are a pair of musicians in the West Midlands mixing punk, hardcore, gritty rock, death metal and laugh out loud humour, who are Making Duos Great Again. Those musicians are Will Stokes and Dave Musson, and their band is WAVE.

WAVE are your new favourite duo. And this summer they’re looking to take the next step with the release of their second EP, Jurassic Parkour.

The Coventry/Birmingham noiseniks formed in late 2015, when vocalist/guitarist/bassist Dave contacted his long-time drummer friend Will about forming a two-piece band with two aims: play some riffs and have plenty of fun.

A couple of practices later, WAVE had a dozen original songs and were ready to go. The duo made their live debut in February 2016 with a set at the Asylum that, according to Birmingham Live, saw them “torpedo the usual po-faced motif promoted by most guitar/or bass and drums outfits that are out there right now…this was their live debut but you would not have known it.”

In September of that year, they signed to Warwickshire start-up label This Decay Records – which was co-founded by Dave – and released their debut EP, The First Wave.

Since then, WAVE have continued to build a reputation for energetic, exciting and genuinely funny live performances coupled with a unique approach to promotion, including a series of incredibly shareable videos, a political campaign that had people clamouring to #VOTEWAVE, and, erm, their own colouring book.

2017 has seen the band continue to progress and win new fans wherever they go, while another bunch of scintillating live shows saw them reach the grand final of the inaugural Coventry Metal 2 The Masses competition, despite being by far and away the least metal band in the competition.

Not only that, they’ve also supported a host of fantastic upcoming bands including Black Coast, Cove, Petrol Girls, Abhorrent Decimation and Sumer.

On Friday 9th June 2017, WAVE will release their second EP, Jurassic Parkour, again via This Decay Records.

As with their debut release, the EP has been produced by the talented and awesome Chris Piper, while Warwickshire progressive electro musician Laptop Philharmonic handled the mastering. The new release literally picks up where the last one left off and packs in a load more riffs, drums and songs with actual human names.

Oh, and a ukulele song about wanting to kill an annoying child. One of those too.

“We don’t worry ourselves too much with what bands are ‘supposed’ to be and do,” says Dave.

“Instead we just write songs that we like – which generally means they are fast, heavy and full of riffs – and we have as much fun as possible when we get to play live.

“The only rule we have decided to adhere to is giving our songs names, which is apparently what you’re supposed to do. Our songs all have human names – like Brian and Gwen – so our setlists look more like a teacher’s register than anything to do with a band.

“Even then, Will – the drummer,not a song – usually doesn’t know which song it is until we start playing – winging it is a major part of being in this band.

“We created this band specifically to be a duo and have absolutely no desire to change that, if nothing else because the most popular two piece bands in the world right now – acts such as Twenty One Pilots, Royal Blood and Slaves – are just awful. They’re too busy being this hip thing that sells a tonne of t-shirts, rather than writing great music. We’re taking back the idea of the two-piece and making it louder, faster and heavier.

“Playing in this band is a load of fun, we love playing the songs we’ve written and if someone doesn’t enjoy what we do then, frankly, we don’t care.

“However, I would challenge that person to come and watch us play live and see if we can’t change their minds!”

WAVE’s second EP, Jurassic Parkour, will be released on Friday 9th June via This Decay Records. It will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and in physical form at WAVE gigs.

The duo will also play a special EP launch set on Sunday 11th June at the Arches Venue in Coventry as part of Dave’s World Live.

For more information about WAVE, visit them on Facebook or email thatawesomeduowave@gmail.com