WAVE rage their way to the M2TM Coventry semi-finals

Last Sunday I headed over to the other side of Coventry to support my This Decay partner Dave Musson and his drummer, Will, for their appearance as WAVE in the wildcard heat of Metal 2 The Masses Coventry. They were as excellent as I’d expected, and the five bands who made up the heat delivered stellar performances to create a hell of a show.

But I was just watching. Nobody needs to hear from me, or to be told by me who made it through. You can read his account of the evening after watching the WAVE set below, with thanks to Fargo Tours and Promotions.

Over to Dave, then, for the view from the stage:

Well, we did it! We’re in the semi-finals!

I’ll have to admit, the fact that we didn’t make it through our first heat was tough to take; it was easily the best gig we’d ever played – to the biggest crowd – and we got the best response we’d ever had too. But the votes didn’t go our way on the night and that was that.

I actually spent the first 24 hours after our heat thinking that I didn’t want us to get picked for the wildcard – it just felt like maybe Metal 2 The Masses was the wrong competition for us, that we were never going to be what the competition was looking for.

But then I really thought about how much fun we had on stage and how, actually, there were things we could do with our set to make it heavier and better suited to the competition. A few messages swapped with Will later, we were both really keen to be picked for the wildcard and were delighted when we got picked.

And so last Sunday, we were back at the Arches for another shot at making the semi-final. We brought out the big guns for the wildcard; our famous glowing letters made sure our name was literally up in lights, we debuted a brand new (very metal) song, and I even wore a bow tie.

Oh, and we got a tonne of ‘Vote WAVE’ stickers printed and handed them out to as many people in the room as possible, including most of the judges and other bands!

Our set went brilliantly. We were heavier than before, it had a far better structure and the crowd response was better than last time too. In short, it was way more fun.

What was also fun was watching the other four bands, who all played brilliantly. Vengeful Atonement have riffs for days, Djinova are one of the most technically accomplished bands I ever seen, When The Wolf Comes Home are just downright chaotic and brilliant, and KiriKai are marvellous and full of melody. Everyone upped their game from their first heat and Sunday was a credit to the local music scene.

We had no idea what to expect when it came to the votes, so were absolutely chuffed to have our name read out as runners up, behind winners Djinova.

We’ve now got a semi-final to prepare for. That means Will wearing full corpse paint (I promised it on stage so he’s going to have to do it now), that means refining the set some more, and that probably means we’ll decide to write another new song the day before the biggest gig we’ve ever played. Why the hell not?

That last point alone also probably means we’ll have a band practice too…a rarity in the WAVE camp I can assure you.

Our semi-final is at the Arches Venue on Sunday 26th March with Oily Toys, Devil’s Playground, Slack Alice and special guest headliners – and Bernie Clifton’s bessies – Abhorrent Decimation.

You can get your tickets by messaging us on Facebook. They’ll cost you £6 and in return you’ll get a cracking gig.

See you then and…VOTE WAVE!

Chris Nee