Introducing This Decay

This blog post has been a long time coming. In 2013, with a little push from my mate Jeff, I decided to turn my dream of running a record label into some kind of a reality.

And I did, sort of. I came up with a name and a goal: get that name on at least one release, something I can hang my hat on in the vast unknown of the future and say, “Yeah, I had a label once.”

That’s all I wanted to achieve and everything else is gravy. Nevertheless, in launching This Decay today we – and it is a we, launching what I’ve been playfully referring to as The World’s Smallest Record Label – are also setting a new goal.

We want to take the music of brilliant new artists into the ears of fans and media that otherwise wouldn’t hear it. Nothing more than that.

Clearly, we’re a bit past 2013 now. This label has been brewing for all that time and the doubts and fears have gradually melted away to leave only “Fuck it, why not?” in their place.

So the summer of 2016 has brought about the birth of This Decay and I’ve hooked up with Dave Musson, partly in an attempt to bring together some skills but mostly to make this whole thing fun as well as a slog.

Dave is everything-but-the-drummer in the Birmingham duo WAVE and the host of the Dave’s World podcast, which provides a weekly look at the Birmingham rock, punk and metal scene.

Like me, he’s also a social media marketer and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things we’ve discovered in common since we met.

Rock, punk and metal are what we’re all about. Our hope is that we’ll get a few releases away before we get found out and they’re likely – but by no means certain – to emerge from that world.

You’re reading this on The Decayist, the official blog of This Decay, and, if we’re honest, the blog is nearly as big a part of what we’re going to do as sticking our logo on some music.

We’ll have weekly record recommendations – that starts later today – as well as some features and a few bits of news commentary here and there. Who knows, maybe Dave will even do some photography. (I haven’t mentioned that to him. Sorry Dave.)

So there we have it. An ambition achieved, to be bolstered with an actual release very soon. Everything else is just for the adventure.

Chris Nee