Hello Rockvids #3

Our weekly pick of the latest music videos from the worlds of rock, punk, metal and hardcore. This week we’re featuring promos from KING 810, Refused, Touché Amoré and Hellions.

KING 810 – I Ain’t Goin’ Back Again

The KING 810 machine is cranking back into action and the second album is on its way. We are very excited indeed. Here’s a video.

Refused – Servants Of Death

Freedom and ‘Servants Of Death’ specifically got a mixed reception last year but we love this track and now it has a video.

Touché Amoré – Palm Dreams

There’s a new Touché Amoré album out in the middle of September and ‘Palm Dreams’ is quite the introduction.

Hellions – Quality Of Life

There’s a new Hellions album as well. Opera Oblivia is out now and this is one of its more distinctive cuts.

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