Buy The First Wave today and Bandcamp will donate its profit to ACLU

The world’s in a pretty messed up place right now, and the actions of the new President of the United States of America have spurred a response all over the world. This Decay Records is not a political entity. We’re a record label. But we’re also two blokes who want to stand with Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond today.

In a show of solidarity Bandcamp is donating all of its profits today (Friday 3rd February) to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). That includes our debut release, and we’re eager to shift a few units today to support the cause in some small way.

It’s odd to use this as an opportunity to push for sales, but this is how we see it: if you’re going to buy The First Wave by WAVE (DEC-2 to us, WAVE’s debut EP to you) then buy it today. The digital download is available on our Bandcamp page.

Chris Nee