Dave Musson’s Albums of the Year 2017: 20 to 11

The High Fidelity generation loves to make lists. Top five this, top ten that. But 2017 has made life difficult for those of us who like to collate our favourite albums of each year. Still, nice problems to have. Let’s… Continue Reading

13 genuinely great nu-metal songs

Funny old game, nu-metal. As a moment in time it was perfection, bringing fresh ideas and even fresher fans into the alternative subculture. For fans of my generation nu-metal was more than just exciting. It was vital. And then, just… Continue Reading

Chris Nee’s Albums of the Year 2016: 10 to 1

It’s been more than adequately publicised elsewhere, but 2016 has been a fabulous year for heavy music. Various niches have found a satisfying groove, from goth-flavoured post-punk to the very edges of extreme metal. Few of my favourite twenty albums… Continue Reading

Dave Musson’s Albums of the Year 2016: 20 to 11

Well, what a year 2016 has been! By June I already had 30 albums on my end-of-year shortlist, and that’s without considering the vast amount of brilliant EPs I’ve listened to and reviewed for Dave’s World Podcast this year. In… Continue Reading

Chris Nee’s Albums of the Year 2016: 20 to 11

It’s the moooost wonderful time of the year. Not because of Christmas. Not because of festive food and drink, or a bottomless supply of Quality Street, or Boxing Day football. Well, a bit because of Boxing Day football. But also… Continue Reading

The 20 best bands at 2000trees festival 2016

Last week I was in the Cotswolds having a really rather lovely time at 2000trees festival – the fab three-dayer that champions new and underground British music (with the odd act from further afield thrown in for good measure). Everything about the… Continue Reading