The Tours That Never Were

COVID-19 is causing problems everywhere. The human cost is a global tragedy we won’t recover from a long time.

But there are economic costs, too; they’re being felt particularly keenly around these parts.

They’re being felt in the UK underground music scene too. Tours are being cancelled or rescheduled and the bands aren’t the only people affected.

A collective of tremendous folk has come together to create The Tours That Never Were to support the artists, tour managers, engineers, techs and drivers who’ve lost their income.

Good As Gold, Awesome Merchandise and Kerrang! Magazine Deputy Art Director Aled Philips are standing up to be counted and they have our full support.

Proceeds from sales of a distinctive merch design will be divided equally between the artists. Some have elected to donate their split to their chosen charities instead.

The design features a ton of fabulous bands, including This Decay favourites Black Peaks, Conjurer, Employed To Serve, Haggard Cat, Ithaca and Palm Reader.

So, if you’re looking for ways to support the arts in this time of need, here’s a great one.

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