The Decayist 028: Faith No More – Album Of The Year

It’s funny how these things work out. No sooner had we decided what our December podcast would be about, and recorded the episode, than the very band we discussed announced a new, rare UK tour.

So this month’s podcast is a celebration of those forthcoming good times.

This is The Decayist, a monthly podcast from This Decay. In each episode Chris Nee or Dave Musson nominates an album the other doesn’t know. We talk about it for a few minutes before passing a verdict.

In this episode, Chris introduces Dave to Album Of The Year, the pre-hiatus album by Faith No More, before asking the three questions that matter:

What’s your three-word review?

What’s your rating out of ten?

And will you be adding Album Of The Year to your record collection?

Album Of The Year came out in 1997.

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