The Decayist 021: Hole – Celebrity Skin

Last month we talked about Nirvana, whose story looms large not just over the band’s surviving members but an entire scene.

Nirvana are forever linked to many bands by influence. They’re linked to Hole through Courtney Love’s marriage to Kurt Cobain, and Hole’s third album is the subject of this month’s show.

This is The Decayist, a monthly podcast from This Decay. In each episode Chris Nee or Dave Musson nominates an album the other doesn’t know. We talk about it for a few minutes before passing a verdict.

In this episode, Chris introduces Dave to Celebrity Skin, the hit late 1990s album by Hole, before asking the three questions that matter:

What’s your three-word review?

What’s your rating out of ten?

And will you be adding Celebrity Skin to your record collection?

Celebrity Skin came out in 1998 on DGC Records.

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