The Decayist 012: Problem Daughter – Fits Of Disorganized Boredom

Let’s begin with an apology, shall we? It’s been a little while since our last episode. We’re sorry about that.

We’ve been hanging out a lot, but it’s mostly been for some pretty amazing gigs and a few football matches. But we do have four episodes ready to go so we’re okay for a bit.

This is The Decayist, a podcast from This Decay Records. There are new episodes on the 1st and 15th of every month (lolzies), and in each one Chris or Dave nominate an album the other doesn’t know. We talk about it for a few minutes before passing a verdict.

Problem Daughter
Fits Of Disorganized Boredom
Problem Daughter

In this episode, Chris introduces Dave to Problem Daughter’s 2016 album, Fits Of Disorganized Boredom, before asking the three questions that matter:

What’s your three-word review?

What’s your rating out of ten?

And will you be adding Fits Of Disorganized Boredom to your record collection?

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