The Decayist 001: Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything To Nothing

Here at This Decay Records, the two of us share a few passions. We like some of the same bands, of course. We support the same football team.

And we also have a common appreciation of podcasting; Chris is a part of the Football Fives Podcast, and Dave is repping the West Midlands music scene on Dave’s World.

More importantly, we both love discovering new music. In combining the two we’re stretching the meaning of ‘new’ to its limits, as we introduce one another to a couple of albums a month and shoot the breeze about each one.

This is The Decayist, a podcast from This Decay Records. There will be new episodes on the 1st and 15th of every month, and in each one Chris or Dave will nominate an album the other doesn’t know. We’ll talk about it for a few minutes before passing a verdict.

Manchester Orchestra
Mean Everything To Nothing
Sony Music Entertainment

In our first episode, Dave introduces Chris to Manchester Orchestra’s second album, Mean Everything To Nothing, before asking the three questions that matter:

What’s your three-word review?

What’s your rating out of ten?

And will you be adding Mean Everything To Nothing to your record collection?

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