Review: Body Void – You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us

Fascism is so hot right now. Enabled by the polished mask of the alt-right, mankind’s most despicable belief system is back, back, back.

The sonic artillery of Body Void isn’t the solution but it’s certainly the vehicle for a message that needs to be heard. We aren’t snowflakes. We aren’t over-sensitive. We aren’t a generation determined to be offended.

We just believe – vocally, vehemently, violently – in what’s right.

Hot on the heels of their brilliant album I Live Inside A Burning House, Body Void are back with a two-track EP that represents the San Francisco sludge crew’s latest ‘fuck you’ to the people who need one the most.

You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us is every bit as bleak as that subject matter makes it sound. It’s billed as an EP but it clocks in at nearly 38 minutes, its two sprawling pieces as thick with ideas as they are furiously aggressive.

The first track, ‘Die Off’, is a punishing, thudding epic spiked with raging, screeching guitars and three-note riffing with all the subtlety of a boot across the throat. Yet it’s subtleties within the 19 minutes that make it such an arresting composition.

The start of the second, ‘Fascist Cancer’, is chiseled from altogether different rock. Its rumbling, rattling opening bars eventually melt away into Body Void’s trademark ghostly dirge before slowing almost to a halt. It’s a layered and dynamic track with heaviness in its heart.

Body Void records aren’t for everyone, and even those of us who love this band’s music kinda need to be in the right frame of mind to truly get into it. It’s worth finding that mood. The rewards are terrific.

You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us will be released on March 15th on Dry Cough Records.

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