Podcast special: Palm Reader interview

Palm Reader have a special place in our hearts. They are a world class band with three tremendous albums to their name, the most recent being 2019’s Album of the Year for This Decay.

But isn’t it time they got a little more attention? It’s a question we’ve asked them before but one we, as fans, still believe is yet to be satisfactorily answered not by the band, but by a scene they stomp all over every time they play live.

Palm Reader’s ability to swallow any bill whole has rarely been more in evidence than on their recent run supporting Blood Youth.

When that tour rolled into Birmingham, a fired-up band took to the stage and made everyone else look silly.


So what’s the fucking deal?

Before that show in a room Palm Reader should be far too big even to headline, I sent Dave to pick the brains of best-in-class guitar duo Andy Gillan and Sam Rondeau-Smith for a podcast special.

Here it is.

Thanks, as ever, to the best band in the world for being so generous with their time.

As for you… for fuck’s sake, buy Braille or so help me God.

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