Picks: Will Haven, Rivers Of Nihil, Eyes Of The Sun

Every week, or thereabouts, we recommend three new releases from the worlds of rock, punk, metal and hardcore.

So, what’s caught our ear this week? Noise, that’s what. Glorious, horrible, beautiful, disgusting noise.

Will Haven
Minus Head Records

When we were growing up, Will Haven were one of those bands the cooler kids knew about, knocking our nu-metal taste into a cocked hat with their metallic hardcore chops. Their new album, Muerte, has largely been well received and we’re on board. The slow, low, powerful groove of ‘Winds Of Change’ is an early highlight and that punch, that cloying intensity, is the record’s signature sound. ’43’ is another song that does it especially well but this album is full of guttural riffs and enough biting aggression to crush a car. It’s ugly in the best possible way.

Rivers Of Nihil
Where Owls Know My Name
Metal Blade Records

Where Owls Know My Name is the third album from Pennsylvania progressive death metal quintet Rivers Of Nihil. If you like expansive riffing and bands with great bass players then stick it on your list. ‘The Silent Life’ brilliantly makes a mockery of the DM label with a lengthy saxophone passage, only to return to out and out aggression. That kind of combination makes this a fascinating album, one that does little that’s predictable and whole ton of stuff that isn’t. Metal is an exciting place right now because of albums like this. And those bass lines!

Eyes Of The Sun
Chapter I
Metal Blade Records

Completing a Metal Blade double is Chapter I by Eyes Of The Sun, originally self-released as far back as 2013. The Brooklyn crew specialise in sldugy doom and that’s a great start in our eyes. Also a great start is ‘My War’, the thudding opening track on this debut outing. ‘When It Dies’, ‘Walks Of Life’ and ‘Choke’ slow the record to a threatening crawl, which is undoubtedly its strong suit and its most dominant. But there’s real teeth to it too. There’s a terrific change of pace in ‘End Of Origin’, and it’s those little twists that add such character to a top album.

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