Picks: Venom Prison, Seeker, Wormrot

Another week of Picks here on This Decay, and we’re playing catch-up again.

We’ve listened to a few records this week and the honest truth is we can’t recommend any of them ahead of the best stuff we haven’t been able to get around to from the past fortnight. That being the case, here are some bangers. Warning: there’s nothing nice here.

venom_prisonVenom Prison
Prosthetic Records

It’s always good to see a UK band hitting hard in the realm of extreme music, and Venom Prison are making a name for themselves on their debut. Animus is a dizzying collection of chaotic sections set against hardcore parts and a handful of straight-up metal riffs that just let go and hook in the headbanger in us, and there’s nothing we can do about it. There are three songs longer than four-and-a-half minutes and they show Venom Prison’s ability to compose something with real meat to get stuck into, and there are little touches here and there that make this band stand out in a crowded scene.

Victory Records

We’ve been keeping an eye out for Loss, the new album from Texan trio Seeker, for a while now, and it stacks up rather impressively against that expectation. In just 25 minutes the record crams in ten tracks of evil, grinding crust that’s thick with punk drive and all the metal trimmings. Loss is a relentless, angry whirlwind and very enjoyable for it. The aggression never lets up for a moment but the songs – ‘Void’, the twisting ‘Swallowed’ and the distinctive and utterly spiteful ‘Rot’ being among the best of them – stand on their own two feet.

Earache Records

If there’s value in squeezing many songs into few minutes, Wormrot have won October. 20 tracks in 26 minutes is so completely mental that it’s easier to listen to Voices as a single song with, like, a shitload of individual passages. This is the Singapore grindcore gang’s third full-length album in a career that’s won them critical acclaim in a relatively short space of time. Nastiness like ‘Hollow Roots’ and ‘God’s In His Heaven’ explains why. Voices is pretty vile and that’s reason enough to give over less than half an hour of your time.

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