Picks: The Dirty Nil, Pig Destroyer, Clutch

Another week, another trio of stellar new releases from the world of rock, punk, metal and hardcore.

Our latest batch of recommendations features a stunner from Canada, a left turn from a grindcore titan and the latest album from an old reliable.

The Dirty Nil
Master Volume
Dine Alone Music Inc.

Everyone’s talking about The Dirty Nil and this is why. Master Volume, the second album by the Canadian trio and the follow-up to a very well received debut, is flawless. From start to finish this is an emotionally charged, snarling, swaggering record packed with punked-up rock ‘n’ roll songs of the most extraordinary standard. It’s not even worth trying to pick out the best. Throw in Spotify’s addition of The Dirty Nil’s excellent cover of Metallica’s ‘Hit The Lights’ and this band starts to look truly, genuinely, exciting.

Pig Destroyer
Head Cage
Relapse Records

The prevailing opinion of the new Pig Destroyer record is that it’s more grove than grindcore, and the way the two play off against one another makes Head Cage one hell of an album. It’s still vile – of course it is – but for abrasive metallic filth it delivers emphatically. This album has pace and power to burn but it’s defined primarily by bounce. This is metal that makes you move, or it would if you could keep up with it. It’s in and out in half an hour but the number of riffs squeezed into that time is baffling.

Book Of Bad Decisions
Weathermaker Music

One of the real joys of deliberately listening to as much new music is possible is the pressure it creates to finally dip into those bands everyone else seems to love but you’ve never really tried out. So I’m not in a position to compare Clutch’s Book Of Bad Decisions to their previous work in any great detail, save for always liking the cut of their jib. So I’ll just say this: I’m so glad I listened to this album and I think it’s bloody brilliant. ‘In Walks Barbarella’ is outstanding and ‘Spirit Of ’76’ is a marvellous piece of rockin’ yarn-spinning.

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