Picks: Splintered, Body Void, Soft Kill

It’s been a quiet few weeks as far as new rock and metal releases go, so we’ve made the most of the breathing space and had a week off.

Nevertheless, there are three ragers to add to your play queue and we can’t recommend them highly enough. If they’re too heavy, try the new Ash album. Not bad.

Death Is Progress
843598 Records DK

This one’s a few weeks old now but we’re not going to allow such details to stop us plugging a corking Second City hardcore record. We couldn’t have asked for much more from Splintered’s debut full-length, Death Is Progress, which brings the bounce of hardcore together with real, poisonous heaviness. This is 21 minutes of riffy, vituperative metallic punk designed to inspire chaos. ‘Pre-Emptive Strike’ is a banger, ‘Stomp’ lives up to its name and ‘Victim Complex’ dives to depths I don’t want to understand. It’s horrible. Awesome.

Body Void
I Live Inside A Burning House
Crown and Throne Ltd. / Dry Cough

At the beginning of 2017 I reviewed Body Void’s Ruins and it’s wonderful to see them back so soon with I Live Inside A Burning House. It’s almost twice the length of Ruins – its four tracks proper clock in at 18, 16, 9 and 21 minutes respectively – and every moment is packed with quality. This is filth as art, an expansive and indulgent slog through the underworld. It’s the sound of a band allowing itself an ungodly amount of space and growing to fill it. It’s thick. It’s slow. It’s sludgy. And it’s absolutely fucking brilliant.

Soft Kill
Profound Lore

When Soft Kill’s Heresy EP showed up a few years ago it couldn’t have been better timed. I’d found what I was craving: a bleak, goth-laden, modern post-punk band with more hooks than a tackle shop. The Portland trio followed up with a fabulous full-length and, now, another. It’s exactly the blend of jangle and crunch and Curtisian vocals I was hoping for. Opener ‘Swaddle’ is one highlight, the classic Soft Kill dirge of the title track another. As I have been for a few years now I’m fully in on Soft Kill, an overlooked band with even more to give.

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