Picks: Sectioned, Aura Noir, Wolf King

We’ve loved a great many ‘clever’ albums this year but there’s always room for something gnarly too.

This week we’re focusing on the latter and Chrch’s Light Will Consume Us All just misses out on the top three despite blending the two beautifully.


Annihilated is the debut album by Edinburgh noise-makers Sectioned and it’s a damned rager, I tell you. Blending powerviolence fury with tech beats and hardcore attitude, Sectioned have created an ultra-modern assault that’s impossible to resist. The subtleties go a long way in this vicious record. ‘Beautiful Struggle’, one of its many highlights, is a fine example of that. But it’s also indicative of an abrasive, creative and superbly crafted album that finds flashes of spaciousness in chaos, with glorious results.

Aura Noir
Aura Noire
Indie Recordings

We’re nothing if not suckers for black ‘n’ roll, and that’s what Aura Noire packs in abundance. Aura Noir, from Oslo, have been around since the mid-1990s and this (almost) self-titled record is their sixth full-length. It’s a thrashy firestorm of metal attitude that pulls none of its punches and employs no frills whatsoever. In that regard it’s uncompromising, almost pure, so if it’s twisted, blackened good times you’re after, this album is 32 minutes well spent.

Wolf King
Loyal To The Soil
Prosthetic Records

Shout out to Terry Bezer for digging this one up, if you’ll pardon the entirely deliberate pun. Wolf King’s label debut continues the theme of this week, majoring on demonic, dirty riffing. This is genre-bending thrashy blackened hardcore at its very finest, and, well, that’s all it is. That’s not a complaint – it means Loyal To The Soil is 43 minutes of ugly, fast, groovy riffs that are unstoppable, undeniable and unwavering in their fixation on banging heads.

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