Picks: Rolo Tomassi, Oceans Of Slumber, Fucked And Bound

If you’re into the progressive end of metal and hardcore, this week’s Picks will tick all your boxes.

There’s progressive hardcore from the UK and doomy progressive metal from Texas, two long albums worth your time. Don’t worry, though – the third choice this week is a mere flash-bang by comparison.

Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
Holy Roar Records

Rolo Tomassi have been knocking out impressive work for a while but, with our taste developing in line with their progress, it was 2015’s Grievances that got its claws into us. With the British hardcore scene continuing to push on, we had high hopes for Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It, and it delivers. Its fearless creative spirit, its meshing of measured heaviness with fragility and its seductive expansiveness combine to make up a record we can really get behind. There’s not a lot on it that’s bite-sized, ‘Rituals’ and the brilliant ‘Balancing The Dark’ aside, yet it’s not oppressive or claustrophobic. If this is Rolo Tomassi in 2018, we’re in.

Oceans Of Slumber
The Banished Heart
Century Media Records

If you’re going to expect us to listen to an album for more than an hour, it’d better be one hell of an effort. The Banished Heart, the third full-length from Houston’s progressive metal crew Oceans Of Slumber, is just that. It’s a beautiful, difficult record performed to the highest quality. Other reviewers will report the musical canvas, full of dexterous and deathy doom, as the star of the show. And it is terrific. But we’re going route one: The Banished Heart is for lovers of breathtaking vocal performances. To say this is Cammie Gilbert’s album takes nothing away from the rest of the band. But having vocalists of Gilbert’s standard in our genres, that’s a privilege we shouldn’t take for granted.

Fucked And Bound
Void Assault Records

We know nothing about the other projects pursued by some of the members of Seattle’s Fucked And Bound, but debut album Suffrage leaves us in no doubt about this one. Its 13 bursts of frantic blackened hardcore absolutely fly by, leaving behind only a whirlwind of head-banging and imagined versions of the kind of spin kicks we wouldn’t have managed twenty years ago, never mind at our current age. They’re riffy, spiteful, aggressive and brimming with old-fashioned punk rock attitude. This is a no-fuss, no-frills, no-fat explosion of noise with a real rawness and a palpable sense of malevolent fun. Suffrage is just horrible. We love it.

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