Picks: Ringworm, Anchors & Alibis, Billy Talent

Three releases slapped with our seal of approval and heartily recommended.

We like to throw in a little bonus pick too, and this time around we’re giving a nod of approval to Get Dead, whose new album Honesty Lives Elsewhere is a highlight in what’s been a pretty decent week on the quiet.

Snake Church
Relapse Records

From the moment the chains come off in the opening title track, Ringworm’s new album absolutely rips. Snake Church is brilliant, a flawless case study in furious, riff-laden metallic hardcore that tears through the speakers and screams in your face until your ears bleed. It’s got the lot: thrashing riffs, colossal breakdowns, nifty little bass guitar noodles and more attitude than some hardcore punk posers disseminate over the course of a lifetime. The combo punch of ‘Destroy Or Create’, ‘Shades Of Blue’ and ‘Innocent Blood’ offers just one of many, many high points.

anchors_alibisAnchors & Alibis

The debut EP from Birmingham rockers Anchors & Alibis is an absolute cracker and shows heaps of potential throughout its four tracks. Opener ‘Patience’ is probably the standout, with a crunchy riff and big chorus that fans of World Record-era Lower Than Atlantis will eat up, while the other three songs are all of a high quality. ‘Dispossession’ nods its head to Fair to Midland, while ‘The Calling’ and ‘Cold’ show a real love for the big riffing of Alter Bridge. This is packed full of clever songwriting and solid playing – very much worth keeping an eye on this lot.

billy_talentBilly Talent
Afraid Of Heights
WEA International

What can you say about Billy Talent? Not only are they utterly unique and outright brilliant, but they’re a real favourite of ours. Afraid Of Heights is their fifth album and it’s a fifth success. Ian D’Sa is a force of nature and his bandmates, including stand-in drummer Jordan Hastings, are on fine form here. Singles ‘Louder Than The DJ’ and ‘Afraid Of Heights’ sit in a strong opening half and the record as a whole is a fine addition to the collected works of this extraordinary, original, frantic band.

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