Picks: Necroheresy, Dephosphorus, Hundredth

We like to keep our parameters fairly broad when it comes to our sometimes-weekly recommendation of three new albums and EPs from the world of rock, metal, punk and hardcore.

This time out we’ve got quite a span, so buckle up for a ride from heavy fun to post-punk introspection.

Satanath Records

If you want dark and heavy, start your week here. Necroheresy are a five-piece from Bratislava and Asylum, their debut full-length album, is full of… Blackened deathy thrash? Thrashy blackened death? Deathy thrashy black metal? Doesn’t matter. The lengthy intro gives way to an orgy of gloriously low-fi brutality. ‘Battle Of Sokolovo’, ‘Mortal Addiction’ and the brilliant ‘Consecration’ show that riffs matter more to this band than blast beats. Despite the absence of jarring over-production, there’s no doubt this album packs a satisfying crunch and a thickness of sound that gets the head banging. ‘Portent’ might be the best song of the lot.

Impossible Orbits
Handshake Inc.

Set aside the influence of science fiction. Cast out the “astrogrind” label. Tear asunder the apparently conflicting phenomena of the enormity of the cosmos and the claustrophobic character of grindcore. For Impossible Orbits, the third album by Greek ragers Dephosphorus is infectiously ugly and the reasons why don’t really matter. ‘Micro-Aeons Of Torment’ is perhaps the best indicator of what this record’s all about, blending irresistible riffing with the aggression of Napalm Death. ‘Rational Reappraisal’ and ‘Asteroskoni’ flirt with a groove before dissolving into noise, and, really, that’s the story of Impossible Orbits. There’s a lot going on here, but the best reason to listen to this is to have your face ripped off.

Hopeless Records, Inc.

Chris here. I can’t speak for Dave but I know very little about Hundredth. So it’s with the added pleasure of novelty that I can heartily recommend the new album, RARE, their fourth since forming in 2008 and, I’m told, a departure from what came before. This is a tremendous piece of work with more sides than the 2026 World Cup. It’s bleak and yet coloured by an entirely neon 80s influence. It’s a shoegaze mood album and yet every song stands in its own two feet. In fact, it’s full to the brim with some of the most engaging rock songs of the year. ‘Vertigo’, ‘White Squall’, ‘Suffer’, ‘Disarray’ and ‘Chandelier’ are my favourites after a few listens. The list is growing with every pass.

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You can buy Jurassic Parkour, the second EP by WAVE, on Bandcamp.

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