Picks: Monoliths, Conjurer, Useless ID

Welcome to the first of our weekly posts recommending three releases worth checking out.

Between the two of us we listen to an obscene amount of new music every week so the albums and EPs we include in Picks has achieved some kind of cut-through with us, at least. As a little launch bonus, we’re giving an approving nod to blink-182’s new album. It’s worth a listen.

Crown and Throne Ltd.

The idea that Hell is divided up into different levels has been a fixture of literature for centuries. But have you ever wondered how the damned move from one to another? In a lift, of course, and in that lift there’s music: ‘Perpetual Motion’, the first of the two 16-minute epics that make up the gigantic, sludgy, one-paced doom metal on this self-titled record by British trio Monoliths. Both tracks live up to the band’s name and the album is oppressively heavy but beautiful in its outright intensity.

Holy Roar

There’s been so much buzz around Conjurer this year that it’s hard to believe they’ve not actually released any music. The post-sludge, doomy riffmongers have carved a reputation for a thrilling live show and are even playing this year’s Bloodstock Festival. Finally, their debut EP is here to devour and it is a glorious affirmation of the hype. Atmospheric, enthralling and crushingly heavy, these four songs take you on a 20-minute journey that fans of Gojira and Mastodon will lap up. This deserves to be the start of something big.

useless_idUseless ID
State Is Burning
Fat Wreck Chords

It’s easy to make assumptions about music put out by Fat Wreck Chords. In the case of Useless ID those assumptions are satisfyingly correct. The Israeli punks are nearly veterans at this point but the fire that inspired State Is Burning is still going strong. This is a bouncy, catchy, lairy chunk of melodic hardcore punk with some monster choruses to boot. ‘Stopwatch’, ‘How To Dismantle An Atom Bomb’ and the title track are amongst a not inconsiderable number of Ignite-tinged highlights.

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