Picks: Marmozets, A Light Within, Death Pedals

If you want recommendations, we got ’em. Oh yes, we got ’em alright.

This week’s Picks features the early front-runner in the you-know-what reckoning, as well as an impressive return to action for one of our favourite bands and a blistering farewell from one we wish we’d been told about sooner.

Knowing What You Know Now
Roadrunner Records

In 2014 Marmozets, newly signed to Roadrunner and wearing their previous mathcore work more as influence than heritage, released The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets. It was sensational. Knowing What You Know Now might be even better. To take a musical canvas like the first album and improve upon it at the same time as making it more mainstream-ready is one hell of an achievement. But for Becca Macintyre to somehow expand her range of vocal styles and ideas to this extent? That’s phenomenal. We might get a better vocal performance this year but don’t bet on it.

A Light Within

Hello. Chris here. I’m identifying myself in order that Dave is not implicated in this review of the new EP by A Light Within. I have skin in the game, you see, because I am smitten with this band. Epilogue is the third and final installment in their series of concept works and, somehow, it pushes boundaries already re-established by Body Matter. This is progressive, post-everything, epic rock that’s musically exploratory and vocally distinct even from A Light Within’s other releases. One of my favourite bands is getting even better. Ridiculous.

Death Pedals
Death Pedals
Hominid Sounds

With thanks to the mighty @johnnydobbo for the tip, our final recommendation this week is the new and final album from London punks Death Pedals, who are calling it a day this month but are going out with one hell of a bang. Death Pedals is their parting shot and boasts a potent whiff of lairy, sludgy punk laced with a hint of goth and more than enough nous to set the Pedals apart from lesser bands of a more rudimentary recipe. It mixes measured dynamism with barely restrained fury, and it’s quite the closing statement.

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