Picks: Jamie Lenman, All Pigs Must Die, Converge

There’s plenty of the heavy stuff that comes with our seal of approval after a couple of weeks of being quiet.

If the second and third of this week’s Picks catch your ear, you could do worse than adding the new EP by Leeched to your to-do list.

Jamie Lenman
Big Scary Monsters

True artistry and creativity is difficult to locate sometimes but Jamie Lenman’s second full-length solo record is stunning. From the moment the Reznorian patience of ‘Hardbeat’ gives way to an infectious drum spot Devolver is a complete one-off, even in the context of British rock’s rich seam of form. It has riffs and groove, electronic touches to die for, and Lenman’s unique perspective and total disregard for the fourth wall. Highlights include ‘Mississippi’, ‘I Don’t Know Anything’ and the phenomenal ‘Personal’, but the most important point is this: don’t sleep on Devolver. It’s fucking brilliant.

All Pigs Must Die
Hostage Animal
Southern Lord Recordings

The third album from suitably lairy crusty hardcore supergroup All Pigs Must Die is Hostage Animal, and brutality is the name of the game. Bands of such aggression need to pay some mind to such frivolities as groove, riffs and breathing space to gain some traction with us, and APMD do a damned fine job of building all of those into the rage. ‘A Caustic Vision’ almost adds a little bounce into proceedings, and is one of the peaks of a vocal performance by Kevin Baker that’s best described as ‘unhinged’. As for drummer Ben Koller, you’ll be hearing from him again…

The Dusk In Us

Expectations are always in the clouds when Massachusetts titans Converge turn out a new record. In the case of album number nine, red sky at night gives way to the undeniable delight of The Dusk In Us. It’s full of variation, ranging from the furious venom of ‘Eye Of The Quarrel’ to the stomp of ‘Under Duress’ or the eerie and beautiful introspection of the title track, but the story of this album is simply that it is one of the very highest quality. ‘Trigger’ is right up there as a highlight, but The Dusk In Us has essentially nothing that’s not.

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You can buy Jurassic Parkour, the second EP by WAVE, on Bandcamp.

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