Picks: Housefire, Night Verses, Cane Hill

Isn’t it amazing how some bands are so brilliant, so lovable, that the fans will wholly buy into their enigmatic approach to the music business and gobble every crumb of music that drifts out of the studio in the interminable wait for a new album?

Our bonus fourth pick this week is 3 Demos, Revisited by Brand New. Because Brand New.


Album? EP? Mere labels, friends. Whatever Respect by Housefire technically is, it’s a ripper. This ten-track outing by the Ontario five-piece is a fine example of multi-paced doom infused with a colossal hardcore stomp, hints of blackened death metal and massive, riff-laden underworld aggression. ‘100 Souls’ takes the intensity up a notch and ‘The Fountain’ unleashes the full force of Housefire’s fury. The juxtaposition between slow, booming doom and fast thrashing riffing is a pleasure throughout.

night_versesNight Verses
Into The Vanishing Light
Equal Vision Records

Ok, so this album has been out a week already, but we’re including it today as this is a record that deserves a proper investment of your time and at least a couple of listens to appreciate it and understand it fully. As is Night Verses’ way, they blend metal, prog and post-rock elements to create a sprawling journey that will suck you in. Full of ebbs and flows, these 11 songs have soaring guitar melodies, pounding beats and choruses you can sing along to – a bit like a really expansive Norma Jean jamming with Tool. In short, it’s great and will give you more on each listen.

cane_hillCane Hill
Rise Records

Smile is one of the most anticipated albums of the summer round these parts. Cane Hill’s brand of rebooted nu-metal is nakedly inspired by what came 15 years before it but this ain’t nostalgia. Korn, Slipknot and American Head Charge have their boot prints all over this record but, where one or two new nu-metal bands are glorified tribute acts, Cane Hill lead the way when it comes to genuine quality. Elijah Witt’s vocals are joyously nasty and Smile, though not as unhinged as we’d hoped, is all the better for it.

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