Picks: Happy Diving, Capsize, Possessor

With apologies for the slight delay, here’s the latest batch of recommendations from This Decay.

Our fourth bonus pick this week comes from National Suicide. If you can’t get enough thrash metal and you can tolerate high-pitched vocals, it might tickle your fancy.

happy_divingHappy Diving
Electric Soul Unity
Topshelf Records

Released on August 12th but already streamable, Electric Soul Unity is the second full-length album from California rockers Happy Diving. Fuzzy, 90s inspired punk rock is right on-trend in the rock world at the moment and this record is a particularly fine example. It packs a pessimistic punch, but that doesn’t stop it from being perfectly timed as a summer stormer. The title track is fantastic, the song that precedes it likewise, and the whole thing just feels so bloody satisfying. It’s a terrific second outing.

A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me
Rude Records

There’s enough about Capsize to justify being excited about the prospect of their second album and, all told, it’s a decent offering. There are catchy singalongs, big breakdowns and rumbling rhythms aplenty throughout its ten songs, with ‘Tear Me Apart’ and ‘XX (Sew My Eyes)’ particularly standing out. The only real down point is not really through any fault of the band; releasing this record in a year packed with such big quality, Capsize probably won’t make a much of a splash as they might have hoped. Don’t get us wrong – this album is definitely worth a listen. But don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make your end of year list.

Dead By Dawn
Creepy Crawl

You know the feeling. You’re at a ritual sacrifice and you just get that urge to dance hard to some swinging, riffy, thrashy music. You want nothing more than a low-fidelity, doom-laden orgy of sludge but you know you need to maintain your reputation for being all about the evil. That’s Possessor you’re after, me ol’ mate. The London three-piece have turned out a fine theatrical number in Dead By Dawn. Its blend of 70s doom, modern sludge and Rob Zombie bounce is a fine way to begin a weekend with the damned.

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