Picks: Deicide, Thrice, Aborted

Welcome to Picks, our weekly-if-we-can round-up of the three best new releases we’ve heard in the last seven days or thereabouts.

This week, metal and then not-metal and then metal. Enjoy.

Overtures Of Blasphemy
The Century Family, Inc.

Cradle Of Filth. Cannibal Corpse. Deicide. Three names that have seeped into the mainstream as caricatures of metal’s weirdness and extremity. Three bands still smashing out great records for the people who actually listen to them. The latest is Overtures Of Blasphemy, the thoroughly enjoyable twelfth studio album by Florida death metal stalwarts Deicide. It’s a blitzkrieg of speed, aggression, surprising grooves and lead guitar excellence.


Post-hardcore icons Thrice returned from hiatus three years ago to drop the excellent To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere into our ears, and we were suitably impressed. Palms is a terrific follow-up. It demands patience and commitment before it gives up its full character but it’s worth spending that time with. Dustin Kensrue’s vocal performance is superb and engrossing, and the musical canvas upon which his brushstrokes play is equally engaging.

Century Media Records

Now a thoroughly international affair, Sven de Caluw√©’s Aborted are on their tenth studio album and not easing up one single bit. Over the course of three quarters of an hour TerrorVision delivers blow after blow after blow of death metal fury. The slower passages are there, of course – ‘Farewell To The Flesh’ is a fine example – but by and large this record is full-on, endlessly heavy, and downright lairy. It’s funny what we metalheads consider a good time, isn’t it?

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