Picks: Dead Hands, Idle Threat., Sodom

With apologies for the slight tardiness, here are our weekly recommendations of new records from the worlds of metal, rock, punk and hardcore.

This week’s trio features something heavy, something measured and something beautifully old-school. There’s a fourth worth checking out, too. Aurion’s Pathfinder narrowly missed out because one of us – mentioning no names – has a thrash metal soft spot the size of Texas.

dead_handsDead Hands
Nobody Exists On Purpose

Spawned from the ashes of Sexwolf and A Werewolf, the debut EP from Birmingham’s Dead Hands is a brutal, brilliant and quite thrilling statement of intent that has immediately jumped right to the top of list of favourite releases this year. This is one of the most exciting things we’ve heard in some time. The songwriting is nigh-on flawless; these tunes roar out of the speakers from the moment you press play, kick your in the face, guts and privates, and leave you wanting more. All of the songs are gems and will make you want to start circle pitting, regardless of where you are. Dear everyone; this is how to announce yourself to the world!

idle_threatIdle Threat.
Grown Tired

Grown Tired is the new extended player from Nashville post-hardcore crew Idle Threat. Its six tracks deliver an entertaining array of heartfelt screamo, from the frantic release of ‘Wrong’ to the more pensive and methodical approach of ‘Ghost’ and the record’s penultimate song, ‘How Lonely Sits The City’. The clean vocals are sparingly deployed and carry enough gruffness to stop them being saccharine, and the whole EP has an endearing rawness that gives a sense of authenticity and believability. Terrific stuff from a band that sounds tight and real in equal parts.

Decision Day

There’s always room in music fandom for odd little biases. As one of the German “Big Four” of thrash metal, Sodom hold a special place in our affections. They released their first album thirty years ago and 2016 is the year of Decision Day. After 2013’s Epitome Of Torture it’s fair to say there was a little apprehension about the follow-up, but, in our view, it was ill-founded. Album number fifteen might not trouble the end-of-year lists but it’s thrashy, it oozes old-school German thrash and, dammit, it sounds like Sodom. If you’re already well-disposed towards this legendary band, you’ll dig it.

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