Picks: Brainoil, Soulfly, mewithoutYou

We’ve got three corking new albums to recommend to you this week, ranging from emo-led alternative rock to sludge riffageddon.

There’s a bonus, too, and it’s from even further afield. Firmament, the new album by Unmaker, is post-punk with darkness in its soul. As we would have said in the 90s, it’s well good.

Singularity To Extinction

Great name, right? Great band too. Oakland sludge metal outfit Brainoil released their first full-length record in 2003 having originally been formed as a Greg Wilkinson solo project, and 15 years later we have album number three. Singularity To Extinction is sludge with attitude. With pace. With riffs to die for. The urgency and leanness of these songs rarely relent, and when they do its their absence that makes the slower sections so threatening and effective. Tremendous.

Nuclear Blast

Max Cavalera’s not-so-quietly been on an absolute tear lately, ripping out banging albums left, right and centre. The last couple of Cavalera Conspiracy records and the most recent Soulfly effort have been the highlights, and Ritual continues the run in style. The eleventh Soulfly album is a trademark Cavalera riffstorm of top quality, and what more could you ask? There’s loads of great stuff on this album, none of it better than the consecutive blast of ‘Dead Behind The Eyes’ and ‘The Summoning’.

Big Scary Monsters

The seventh album by Philly emo veterans mewithoutYou was released earlier this month but we’re glad we caught another review of it and gave it the time of day. Being more readily acquainted with the noisier side of things, we find that this kind of music must achieve one of two things to catch our ear. First, it can pack a level of intensity that creates its own kind of heaviness. Second, it can be full to the brim with rock songs so well crafted that it’d be silly to pretend we didn’t like them. Tick and tick.

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