Picks: Body Count, Wear Your Wounds, The Crawling

This week’s Picks are, thematically at least, a little on the heavy side. If you’re after something with the same outlook but a rather different sound, you could do worse than dipping into Locus, the new album by Great Ytene.

A must for those of you with your fingers on the post-punk pulse.

Body Count
The Century Family Inc.

The world needs Body Count right now. Heavy music needs as much originality and variety to its political fury as possible, and Ice-T does righteous anger better than most. I’m not as down on Body Count’s first couple of albums as some other reviewers, but there’s no doubt their more recent releases have lacked something. Not anymore. Bloodlust is a lesson in lairiness, utterly convincing and backed by metal with loads of punch and a stack of killer riffs. Opener ‘Civil War’, ‘All Love Is Lost’, ‘No Lives Matter’ and ‘Black Hoodie’ are – right here, right now – vital. Cometh the hour, cometh the Count.

Wear Your Wounds
Deathwish Inc.

Sixteen years in the making and boiled down to 63 measured, haunting minutes, WYW is the result of a solo project by Jacob Bannon of Converge. It’s a magnificent opus, delivered to a stratospheric standard, and is littered with intensity and beauty at every turn. The introduction sets the tone and the stunning ‘Iron Rose’ takes the record to the very highest level. Mellower yet darker tracks like ‘Hard Road To Heaven’ demonstrate that this work is more about circumspection than aggression, but the sense of imminent disaster is ever-present. If you’re looking for an album to get lost in, look no further.

The Crawling
Anatomy Of Loss
Grindscene Records

Sneaking in ahead of an album we’re bumping to help cover next week’s slim pickings is Anatomy Of Loss, the debut full-length album from Lisburn doom crew The Crawling. There’s a bunch of promise here. The classic death-doom sound is dominant but tracks like ‘Poison Orange’ and ‘All Our Failings’ indicate a knack for a groove, a knack that can serve this style of music well when used properly. But, really, it’s that bleak sound that just catches us right between the eyes every time. That nastiness, that unrelenting negativity, carries this record along on a black wave.

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