Picks: Blowout, Sect, Creative Adult

Another week, another triumvirate of rippin’ records from the worlds of rock, punk, metal and hardcore.

It’s a real cross-section this week, assuming you’re not bothered about a regular fix of the actual metal. We’re dwelling very much in the punk arena, with Blowout, Sect and Creative Adult in the spotlight. Trust us, it’s way more varied than it sounds.

No Beer, No Dad
Lauren Records

It’s not an album for those who can only handle the heavy but Blowout’s No Beer, No Dad is a fabulous collection of lo-fi, fuzzy punk rock that’s very much in keeping with the vital end of the genre. Blowout are a four-piece from Portland and this is a cracking debut. Fronted by the refined fury of Laken Wright, Blowout have all the makings of something a little bit special. The album tears through song after song, blending flat-out speed with a gloomy introspection. It’s a haunting combination, it’s bang on trend and it’s class.


Today marks the release of Sect, the self-titled and self-released debut from a five-piece hardcore crew comprising some members and former members of more familiar bands. There’s something vintage about the aesthetic – some of Sect’s publicity refers to them as “a straightedge vegan band” – but this record fits 2016 hardcore like a glove. It has that modern sound, a distinct vitriolic rumble and just a hint of the ethereal curiosity that made Hesitation Wounds such an enjoyable debut earlier in the year. Sect is a must for fans of heavy, grimy modern punk.

creative_adultCreative Adult
Fear Of Life
Run For Cover Records

If you’re into goth-tinted post-punk you could do a lot worse than spending three quarters of an hour listening to Fear Of Life, the second full-length album from San Francisco’s Creative Adult. Bookended by the stunning lengthy pairing of ‘Connected’ and ‘Hand In Shove’, this record is thick with gloom but still jangles with the upbeat twang of post-punk goth. There’s a definite spaced-out quality to Fear Of Life but songs like ‘I Can Love’, ‘Moving Window’ and ‘Reality Tunnel’ are undeniable.

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