Picks: Bloody Hammers, Puppy, Decembre Noir

It’s Friday. Gateway to the weekend. Bringer of freedom. A time to reflect on the week that’s just gone and, of course, to bring you three new music releases that we’ve been getting into since this time last week.

Our latest Picks are a motley trio, birthed by three acts that touch on an eye-watering number of varying influences, from goth rock and emo to doom metal and Metallica. Because who isn’t influenced by Metallica?

bloody_hammersBloody Hammers
Lovely Sort Of Death
Napalm Records

This is quite something. We slept on Lovely Sort Of Death for a week but it’s been regularly revisited a few times even since our last Picks instalment. The fourth Bloody Hammers outing in as many years has received a positive reaction and nowhere more than here. It’s gothic rock that oozes with the drive of metal and possesses a monstrous stoner swing. ‘Lights Come Alive’, the album’s third single and second track, is just gorgeous, and the hooks and choruses keep on coming. It might be an acquired taste but we love it.

Vol II

We’ve been keeping a careful eye on Puppy so this new EP – which follows a previous excellent release and a pair of really promising sets at Download and 2000trees – is an exciting prospect. And boy, does it deliver! These five tracks have chugging riffs, massive grooves, huge choruses and tonnes of melody. Few bands out there right now can blend genres so effortlessly – these songs have metal, indie, alt and garage rock across them but still manage to sound coherent and focused. We can hear Metallica, Weezer and Tool and it’s marvellous. This collection suggests Puppy have nailed what ‘their’ ideal blend is and these songs deserves to push them onto the next level.

decembre_noirDecembre Noir
Forsaken Earth
Rico Unglaube

Of all the things outsiders fail to understand about the world of metal, it’s the possibility of finding the most extraordinary beauty in rank misery. The second album from German death-doomers Decembre Noir does exactly that. The opening track warms up the ears nicely before the devastatingly brilliant pairing of ‘Small.Town.Depression’ and ‘Ghost Dirge’ lift Forsaken Earth to a new level. 14-minute epic ‘Waves Of Insomnia’ alternates between gloomy atmospherics and a thumping riff that bursts out of nowhere. Do yourself a favour. This is it.

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