Picks: Bleeding Through, Split Cranium, Ghost

Love it, like it or loathe it, the release of a new Ghost album is bound to dominate the week’s headlines. We’ve had a listen, too.

It’s the last of our latest batch of reviews. Meanwhile, if you just can’t get enough of Jason Aalon Butler then the self-titled Pressure Cracks EP should tide you over for a bit. Oof!

Bleeding Through
Love Will Kill All
SharpTone Records

The reactivation of Bleeding Through gives us an opportunity to embrace a band whose name has loomed large in its absence. Love Will Kill All is their eighth album and it combines metalcore with the influence of black metal and an ever-present gothic undertone. ‘End Us’ quickly introduces the band’s knack for the groove but carries no lack of spite, another characteristic laced throughout the album. Love Will Kill All gets better as it goes along, ‘Buried’ being a stand-out from the first few listens. Add in the constant under-layer of keys and what you have is a record we’ll be coming back to rather a lot.

Split Cranium
I’m The Devil And I’m OK
Icepac Recordings

If it’s riffy, hardcore-laden d-beat that tickles your fancy this week then you need listen no further than Finland’s Split Cranium, a five-piece noise-making machine whose new album is bounce incarnate. I’m The Devil And I’m OK layers unorthodox instrumentation under the punk, lending it an extra dimension, that subtle layer of thought that bolsters the spiky good times. But it’s good times that this album is all about, and that rollicking rock ‘n’ roll style, trimmed with something altogether different, makes for a heady combination.

Lorna Vista Recordings

We’ve always been minded to nod in appreciation of the Ghost phenomenon rather than love it. Meliora was the perfect encapsulation of that slight sense of distance. Ghost aficionados aren’t necessarily falling over themselves to pronounce Prequelle a better record so we’ll just accept the error of our own ways. The bleakness of intro ‘Ashes’ breaks into the irresistible pop rock of ‘Rats’, the stomp of ‘Faith’, and we’re hooked. The chorus of ‘See The Light’ is infectious and we’re bang into the sax trend this year, so ‘Miasma’ ticks a box beautifully. ‘Dance Macabre’ is a banger but you already know that.

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