Picks: Black Foxxes, Spirit Adrift, Empty Beings

Here at This Decay Records we’re gearing up for our first release, which you’ll hear more about next Monday.

In the meantime, here’s our regular roundup of recommended releases from the worlds of rock, punk, metal and hardcore. There’s quite a range this week, so crank the volume, put your feet up and enjoy.

black_foxxesBlack Foxxes
I’m Not Well
Spinefarm Records

A release we’ve had marked on our calendar for quite some time now, the debut full-length album from Exeter trio is hugely impressive. Full of emotion, integrity, melody, raw power and great songs, I’m Not Well is a gem. It shows a band comfortable in their skin as songwriters and storytellers and, for the first time, these shores have the kind of band we could confidently put up against acts such as Brand New and Manchester Orchestra, from whom they draw plenty of influence. There is so much to praise here and so little to fault; it’s brilliant to see a band realising its potential when it matters most.

spirit_adriftSpirit Adrift
Chained To Oblivion
Prosthetic Records

It’s a right old miserable bloody day in the Midlands today but the rather sunnier climes of Arizona have delivered a record to fit the weather perfectly. Spirit Adrift is Nate Garrett, a one-man doom metal band whose debut full-length, Chained To Oblivion, captures the gloom of a grey day beautifully. Its stoner-tinted doom sound packs some serious riffs and an otherworldly atmosphere that seems to grow as the album develops, and really comes into its own as the metallic bite gives way to the ethereal trip of the final two tracks.

empty_beingsEmpty Beings
Confront The Living

Do you like alliteration? We like alliteration. So Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania post-punk is always likely to go down well with us, and never more so than when it delivers on quality to the extent achieved by Empty Beings on their debut outing Confront The Living. From the opening, goth jangle of ‘Absolution’ to the gloriously exuberant guitar lick of ‘Culture Shock’, this EP is brimming with punk attitude. The songs are short and sharp and rock from start to finish. There’s not a gram of fat here, just plenty to get your teeth into.

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