Picks: Bind Torture Kill, Broken Cross, The Atlas Moth

The idea behind Picks pre-dates This Decay and was born as #FiveAlbums about four years ago.

Since then, we’ve obsessed over the discovery of new music and, most weeks, spewed out some recommendations. There have been better albums than this latest trio. But, as a combination, we haven’t had many better weeks than this.

Bind Torture Kill

We begin with the second album by French post-hardcore outfit Bind Torture Kill, whose bruising and blackened riffs are infectious as hell. Visceres is a hurricane of aggressive thrashing, threatening mid-paced sections and tiny inventive twists that cut through the black metal elements and allow the hardcore to shine. We thought the start of ‘Perte Et Fracas’ was everything we wanted from music until a fleeting but screwface-demanding riff burst through the noise later in the song. It’s that kind of record. Tight but varied, and with enough bite to take your head off.

Broken Cross
Militant Misanthrope
Apocalyptic Visions

The new album from Sweden’s Broken Cross is an unrelenting assault of thrash metal riffing twisted with a little blackened hardcore and a whole shit-ton of influence from NWOBHM – or at least from the bands that were influenced by it. This is old-fashioned, toe-tapping, head-banging metal, devoid of cheese and packed with crunch. If that sounds tasty to you, give Militant Misanthrope a try. ‘The Isolation Cult’ is particularly accomplished, and the title track hints at the real sense of fun that’s in evidence throughout. Because metal.

The Atlas Moth
Coma Noir
Prosthetic Records

We’re new to The Atlas Moth and so, word has it, is this execution of their sound. The Chicago quintet have nailed their new record. Coma Noir is 48 minutes of pounding, progressive, intense and insistent metal, and we do mean metal. ‘Galactic Brain’ is, appropriately, blazing stoner metal with bags of old-school Metallica stomp. But there’s plenty of experimental craft still in the mix, the opening minutes of the brilliant ‘The Streets Of Bombay’ being the prime example. There’s so much going on here, but it’s never boring or pretentious. A rager.

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