Picks: Beneath The Storm, Youth Man, Frameworks

Another week, another trio of recommendations from This Decay. Other new releases include Ellipsis, the new album from Biffy Clyro, which is our fourth bonus shout this week.

It might be missing a ‘Black Chandelier’ but it’s packed with huge rock songs and well worth your time.

beneath_the_stormBeneath The Storm
Lucid Nightmare
Argonauta Records

Sludgy Slovenian doom metal, anyone? That’s what we thought. Lucid Nightmare is the fourth full-length album in as many years from Beneath The Storm, a one-man specialist in a twisted and droning brand of riff-laden doom with an ethereal yet gritty vocal. That songs like the phenomenal ‘Paralyzed In Sleep’ emerge entirely from the mind of one man is frightening and thrilling in equal measure. Fans of unapologetically thick, nasty, pitch-dark compositions would do well to give Shimon 53 minutes of their day.

youth_manYouth Man
Venn Records

There’s been plenty of noise around Brummie punk trio Youth Man of late, due in no small part to them supporting letlive. earlier this year as well as generally being really rather good. Having always been a band with an undoubted talent for putting on a right good rock show, Wax manages to capture Youth Man’s brilliant, fiery fury on record. These songs were recorded in one live session and it’s a format that suits the band perfectly. This is organic, tight, exciting punk rock delivered with a snarl and it’s bloody brilliant. from the hooks of ‘Fat Dead Elvis’ or the brooding, building crescendo of ‘Painted Blue’.

Deathwish Inc.

Florida post-hardcore quintet Frameworks have returned with their highly anticipated second full-length, Smother, and it’s going to take some beating in the screamo stakes this summer. It begins with the corking pre-released opener ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ and really never lets up. The angst is ever-present but there’s a crafted maturity to Frameworks’ song structures and delivery. Every track is measured to perfection, unhinged in all the right places and deftly gloomy in all the others. A terrific follow-up.

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