Picks: Barren Womb, Extinction A.D., Turnstile

There’s something for everyone in this week’s Picks. There’s metally hardcore and hardcorey metal, so we’ve left no stone unturned.

If it’s something more expansive you’re after, though, we’ll throw Horizon Ablaze and The Weight Of A Thousand Suns into the mix for good measure.

Barren Womb
Old Money / New Lows
Loyal Blood Records

We have a soft spot for noisy duos around these parts, so Norwegian pair Barren Womb are right in our sweet spot. Bearing a passing resemblance to our favourites of the genre, Old Money / New Lows begins with the catchy but off-kilter ‘Crook Look’ before winding and grooving its way through a variety of sounds. What connects those sounds is that indefinable something that only two-pieces can summon, and it works beautifully on this record. ‘Mystery Meat’ alone covers all the bases, while the ’68 vibes of ‘Slumlord Millionaire’ score major points with us. A fine way to pass 40 minutes.

Extinction A.D.
Decimation Treaty
Good Fight Music

Decimation Treaty is the second album by Long Island thrashers Extinction A.D. and it’s time we all sat up and took notice. It’s a step up from the already impressive Faithkiller and it puts nearly every pure(ish) thrash release since then in the shade. Over time, there’s a chance we’ll see this on the same level as Nightmare Logic. There’s no clever equation that makes that happen. The riffs are better and tighter than almost everyone else. The stomp is stompier, and the attitude tears out of the speakers. Decimation Treaty rips. It barely pauses for breath. ‘Rats In The Attic’, the penultimate song, is our early favourite, but the competition is fierce. What a record!

Time & Space
Roadrunner Records

Turnstile are back with the follow-up to their tremendous debut, Nonstop Feeling, and it’s fair to say it has more strings to its bow than its predecessor. Time & Space is less hardcore and more whistle-stop rock tour. The riffs are still mega but it’s clear from as early as the second track, ‘Big Smile’, that quirky touches are the order of the day. Vocally and musically this is an album of smart, punky rock songs laced with odd little flashes that, somehow, always seem to fit. We’re not going to pretend to understand how Turnstile have pulled this off, but pull it off they have. ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Blind’ and ‘Real Thing’ are the icing on the cake.

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