Picks: Author & Punisher, Fucked Up, Basement

Welcome to Picks, so called because we PICK out our favourite three new releases of the week (or thereabouts) and pop them on our blog for you to PICK up and try out for yourself. Clever. Shit.

As has been the case for most weeks lately, there’s also a bunch of stuff we couldn’t fit in. They are: the new albums from Ghostemane, Gama Bomb and Outer Heaven, and the new EP from the mighty Iron Reagan.

Author & Punisher
Relapse Records

Beastland is the sixth album by one-man industrial metal machine Author & Punisher, and his first on Relapse Records. With Kurt Ballou on mixing duty it’s no surprise that this record is ultra-gnarly, but the high standard of the music is set by the artist himself. If you can’t get with the drone then this might not be for you. If you can, it opens up a wild, apocalyptic wasteland. The rubble-flanked roads are all different, but none of them are pretty.

Fucked Up
Dose Your Dreams
Fucked Up/Merge Records

The fifth full-length studio album by Toronto experimental hardcorists Fucked Up has been out for a few weeks now and, at 82 minutes long, it takes a bit of commitment. The consensus? Dose Your Dreams is well worth the investment required to get the most out of a double album. And we agree. It goes everywhere, observing no boundary, and what’s more punk than that? The only way to understand this record is to listen to it. So listen to it.

Beside Myself
Fueld By Ramen

For quite a while now Ipswich alt-rockers Basement have been one of those bands who’ve been able to command our respect more easily than our attention. They’re obviously very good, but they never quite caught the imagination. Until now. Fans of the band might see it differently but, for us, Beside Myself – the fourth album – is the one that really drew us in for the first time. Better yet, it’s simply the strength of the songs that did it. Right from ‘Disconnect’, the opening track, the hooks are huge. Bravo.

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