Picks: a lazy summer round-up

Well, we’ve had a few weeks off. What do you expect at World Cup time, really?

So we’ve got a bumper edition of Picks this week to do some catching up, and there are some extras to throw into the mix as well.

Firstly, for the hip-hop inclined among us, The Last Skeptik’s new album, Under The Patio, is fantastic. Chris recommended it here. The there’s The All Penetrating Silence by Kite, Nervosa’s The Downfall Of Mankind and Ruined by Lesser Glow.

Closer to home we’re very much on board with Balance’s EP Brief Encounter, which is a very enjoyable nugget o’ hardcore.

Violent Life Violent Death
Come, Heavy Breath
641309 Records DK

Violent Life Violent Death’s last brilliant EP snuck by us when it came out. We weren’t going to let it happen a second time. This is spiky, riffy, blackened hardcore and you need it. Need it.

Closed Casket Activities

The heavy music world is staring intently at Vein right now, and with good reason. They’ve justified the attention with errorzone, an album of glitchy, abrasive hardcore for a post-Forever world.

When The Wolf Comes Home
Gone Are The White Flags
Damage Limitation Records

You’ll do well to find an adequate description of the sound of When The Wolf Comes Home, so if rumbling, angular, post-hardcore riffs are your thing just check out their debut mini-album, Gone Are The White Flags. You won’t regret it.

Nine Inch Nails
Bad Witch
The Null Corporation

The final part of what was intended as a trilogy of EPs – and still is, really – this album completes a set that contributes fabulously to the overall Nine Inch Nails discography, with a few bangers to boot.

The Konsortium
Agonia Records

The second album by Norwegian crew The Konsortium, featuring Mayhem guitarist Teloch, is exactly what we want from a blackened thrash record. It has all the character of black metal, but plenty of groove to get hold of too.

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