Picks: A Day To Remember, Fange, Cara Neir

If you’re after a few new music releases to take you into the weekend, look no further.

Here’s our weekly set of recommended records from the worlds of rock, metal, punk and hardcore – this week, all of them appear in a single one of our Picks. A little bonus, while you’re here? Go on then. Greenlandic coldwave is a thing and it works. Check out Void In Vain for the proof.

adtrA Day To Remember
Bad Vibrations
ADTR Records

In the three years since A Day to Remember freed themselves of the shackles of their troublesome former label they’ve established themselves as an arena-ready, bona fide big-hitting live band and continued to grow on a massive scale. So Bad Vibrations has certainly been awaited eagerly. As expected, it’s great.

There’s a relaxed, organic and gritty vibe here that nods back to the roots of hardcore and the first half of this record in particular roars out of the traps. It might sound less polished than their previous efforts but it’s really excellent. ‘Exposed’ is perhaps the heaviest this band has ever gone, while ‘We Got This’ is a sublime pop-punk anthem that could become this band’s defining moment.

Throatruiner Records

Oh, Fange. How you’ve brightened our week. Purge is the monstrous debut of this French four-piece and it’s just plain nasty. Fange’s take on sludgy, rough production d-beat is an absolute joy. It ranges from the intensity of blackened doom to the outright rockin’ sludge riffs that makes ‘Mâchefer’ and ‘Étouffoir’ such highlights.

‘Roy-Vermine’ follows the former with a hefty smack in the chops and the record never dims from there for a moment. There’s something not quite right about those of us who listen to albums like this for fun but this is a loveable rogue of a record. In a scene that can sound a little samey, it’s got a bite that leaves a mark.

cara_neirCara Neir
Perpetual Despair Is The Human Condition
Broken Limbs
[Released October 14th]

Let’s be clear from the outset: Perpetual Despair Is The Human Condition is a tough listen. It’s even harder to define. Sitting somewhere between blackened something and post-something else, Cara Neir’s sound often centres on yelping to blast beats, and in patches it’s as impenetrable as that makes it sound. In others it’s really not. (We’re looking at you, ‘Trials Of The Lost’.)

But man, it’s worth sticking with. The Texan duo’s music is played by multi-instrumentalcase Garry Brents and his bass playing in particular – most notably on ‘Spiteful Universe’ and ‘Pushing Failure’ – gives the album that subtle extra dimension that kicks its artistic value up a step. Peel away the aggression and you’ll find there’s rather a lot to discover.

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