This Decay is motivated by music. We know that music belongs to the artists and the community, not the middle men. We want to grow with our artists, not because of them, because the only reason we’re here is to get new music into the ears of fans and media that wouldn’t hear it otherwise.

We’re digital-first, which means that every release we put out is primarily made available – for purchase or streaming – online. Any physical releases we take out into the world are limited edition, and we decide whether to produce CDs, vinyl or even cassettes in partnership with the artist.

We focus on individual releases by new artists, because we want to expose their music to bigger labels that can take them to the next level, far beyond our DIY approach. We’re not able to pay for recording or production; we want to work with artists who record their own work and want a partner for distribution.

Above all, we treat our artists fairly. We’re not here to make money so we work as partners, not dictators.

Sound good? Send us a demo: