Chris Nee’s Albums Of The Year 2019: 20 to 11

2019 is at an end so our Albums Of The Year extravaganza continues.

We’ve both drawn up a Top 20 for 2019. Here’s the first half of mine.

There are a couple of Spotify playlists to go along with this. There’s one of our favourite songs from our Top 20 lists, and there’s my annual playlist of the best songs of the year.

Here are my 20 to 11. You can read my Top 10 and Dave’s picks here, and listen to our AOTY2019 podcast special here.

20. clipping. – There Existed An Addiction To Blood

With thanks to Stephen Hill and Riot Act for a recommendation out of absolutely nowhere, clipping. make the cut with this quite wonderful album of experimental gothic hip-hop.

19. Abbath – Outstrider

As a newcomer to Abbath – who’s had a difficult time of it since this album came out – this one caught me by surprise. Sometimes ‘just’ metal will do it for me, and with leads like this record, it was always going to be a winner.

18. Car Bomb – Mordial

The new Car Bomb album is a creative triumph, packed with ideas that all work. Many people have placed it higher than me but that’s simply a matter of taste. This is a lot of fun.

17. SeeYouSpaceCowboy – The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds

SeeYouSpaceCowboy leapt from nowhere to be one of the most anticipated albums of the second half of the year, and they haven’t disappointed in the least. Glitchy, riffy hardcore. Bullseye.

16. Full Of Hell – Weeping Choir

When all-out aggression is what the doctor ordered you’ll find Full Of Hell on her scrawled prescription note. This is great because it’s just noise, and great because it’s not. They’ve packed a lot into a small space and all of it slaps.

15. Statiqbloom – Asphyxia

I’ve dallied with Brooklyn post-industrial electronic duo Statiqbloom for a while, so when the new album dropped into my inbox I hit play with a certain level of expectation. It blew me away – a fabulous record.

14. Pijn & Conjurer – Curse These Metal Hands

It took a while to catch my ear, this. I’m a massive Conjurer fan and I do like my metal, but I discovered that this project needed to find me in the right mood. When it did, I fell for it in a big way.

13. Problem Daughter – Grow Up Trash

Another favourite returned this year with a new album. Problem Daughter’s snarling street punk is knowing, real and utterly infectious. Great bands have their own way of looking at the world. Problem Daughter’s perspective is communicated loud and clear.

12. Throes – In The Hands Of An Angry God

Idaho’s Throes carry the all-important Holy Roar seal of approval, so an album that boasts riff after riff after riff after riff was probably to be expected. This is post-hardcore I can get behind.

11. .gif from god – Approximation_of_a_human

There must be something in the air in Richmond, Virginia. You won’t find me complaining, though, because its latest export is the grinding, glitchy, relentless whatevercore of .gif from god.

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