Chris Nee’s Albums of the Year 2018: 10 to 1

We’re gathered here today to reveal my Top 10 Albums of 2018.

You can click here to find the second half of my 2018 list, along with Dave Musson’s Top 20, and listen to our AOTY podcast special to hear us talking about our album choices and interviewing the artist at the top of our lists.

We’ve also put our favourite songs from each album on our 2018 Spotify playlist, and I’ve pulled together a thumping playlist of my favourite 50 songs of the year.

And so, to the Top 10.

10. A Perfect Circle – Eat The Elephant (A Perfect Circle/BMG)

This isn’t what I was expecting from a new A Perfect Circle album but it caught me hook, line and sinker from the very first listen. Bravo. [Spotify]

9. Frontierer – Unloved (Frontierer)

This bafflingly brilliant Transatlantic project is frantic, furious and near enough impossible to grasp. It’s also a flawless artistic triumph that gives its Sectioned sibling a run for its money. [Spotify]

8. Turnstile – Time & Space (Roadrunner Records)

Party-fueled, punky, alt-rocky hardcore played by a band who ripped the riffage on their critically acclaimed debut. A quite stunning follow-up. [Spotify]

7. Old Wounds – Glow (Good Fight Music)

The world needs Old Wounds. If The Suffering Spirit was the culmination of their sound, Glow is a band truly finding its voice. Unstoppable. [Spotify]

6. Black Peaks – All That Divides (Rise Records)

Black Peaks are a phenomenon. Musical genius abounds, and the sheer scope of ideas on their previous album has been honed and refined on this stupendous second. [Spotify]

5. Conjurer – Mire (Holy Roar Records)

I live near Rugby. It’s both obvious and impossible that the town could produce a band of Conjurer’s standard. Not important; what matters is that they’re fucking outrageously excellent – this proves it. [Spotify]

4. Sectioned – Annihilated (Independent)

There’s rage north of the border, too. Sectioned make a massive bloody racket, glitchy without apology, and it’s like having your teeth pulled out by a tractor. I can’t get enough of this album. [Spotify]

3. The Dirty Nil – Master Volume (Dine Alone Music)

This is how rock ‘n’ roll music should sound in 2018. The Dirty Nil already had a well-received album under their belts but Master Volume knocks its socks off. Swagger and snarl and irresistible tunes. Perfection. [Spotify]

2. Architects – Holy Hell (Epitaph)

Something happened during Holy Hell the first time I listened to it. It grew, and it grew, and then ‘The Seventh Circle’ took my breath away, followed by the already familiar – and awesome – ‘Doomsday’. And I made a noise I’d never made before. In Holy Hell‘s quality I discovered elation. [Spotify]

And my Album of the Year for 2018 is…

1. Palm Reader – Braille (Silent Cult)

Because of course it is. Palm Reader have become a band I listen to almost every day, spend hundreds on merch from, serially watch live, and hold up as the band that are better than all the others.

Most of this was true before Braille. So when it showed up in the spring with not a damned note out of place their place in my affections was assured forever. Everything on here is ten-out-of-ten superb, and that’s all there is to it. [Spotify]

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