WAVE line up two more 2016 shows

The Christmas lights are going up in city centres, the supermarkets are shoving Cadbury’s selection boxes into their seasonal aisles and one half of This Decay Records is but weeks away from cracking open the first tin of Quality Street of the holidays. The other half, though, is still hitting the stage.

Dave Musson and his band WAVE, the ‘orrible noisy rock duo from Birmingham, have two more shows left in 2016.

First up they’ll be lining up at OxJam in Birmingham on Saturday 15th October. You’ll find them at The Victoria from 5pm.

And if one’s not enough, WAVE will play in Coventry at The Ivy House on Friday 11th November.

There will be more in early 2017 but for further details about these two shows keep an eye on WAVE’s Facebook page.

And, of course, you can buy WAVE’s debut EP The First Wave digitally, or as part of a Limited Edition physical run, from our Bandcamp page.

Go on, buy it.

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