The First Wave: the debut WAVE EP out now

Today is quite a day for This Decay Records. Friday 9th September 2016. The start of a gorgeous weekend. The beginning of autumn. And, most importantly to the two of us, the day our odd little record label becomes legitimate. Today, friends, This Decay Records is beyond proud to remove the shackles from its first ever release, known around these parts as DEC-2. Today marks the launch of The First Wave, the debut EP from Birmingham noisy punk duo WAVE.

We’ll never sign a band more easily. WAVE is one half Will Stokes and one half Dave Musson, my partner here at our humble label. I’d like to extend my personal congratulations to both Dave and Will on their debut as WAVE, which they’ll be celebrating this evening with a show at The Flapper in Birmingham.


WAVE – The First Wave

The EP is now available for streaming on Spotify, and for digital purchase on iTunes, Amazon and more. You can also buy it digitally and as part of a Limited Edition physical run from Bandcamp.

Track list

1. Clifton
2. Celia
3. Brian
4. Anthea
5. Florian

So why not hit one of those links and support Dave and Will, our label, and local music. You know it makes sense!

Chris Nee